Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to add a new file to monitor


This extension allows to define files that must be outputed to stderr as metadata source.

How to add a new file to monitor

  • Create a new text file in the folder (try recreating path or context in path) so include/exclude filters do also work

  • Inside that file introduce same tags as other plugins:

    • bugzilla: URL of the bug containing info if any
    • long_name: Long name of the file
    • priority: how likely is this to be a big problem in the environment
    • description: Description of the file to monitor
    • path: Path to the file to check, if it contains CITELLUS_ROOT it's for snapshot mode.
    • If text CITELLUS_HYBRID is found, the file path is valid for both live and not live (use CITELLUS_ROOT and it will be "" for live execution)